Second week of May, gardening

David Attenborough urges everyone to help wildlife by using all available spaces from gardens to roadside verges. The problem is that many gardens are deserts of lawn, packed with herbicides and pesticides and hosting deadly carnivorous cats.

Our borrowed garden
Three Eastern Greys
Blue-faced Honeyeater drinking

Lily Caterpillar in the lounge

Lily Caterpillar in the lounge brought up from gardening. The adult moth is a lovely colour creamy buff with red and black markings.

Study view

Do we treat this world as a resource to be rapidly used or to be nourished and cherished, that will give back the fruits of our labour, like a well-tended garden, as well as leaving plenty of habitat and resources for other species.

Tallowwood and Blackbutt by vegie garden
The beginnings of the garden 12 years ago

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