Our garden is a concert hall, 8 Jan

This morning the altos are back, Pardalotes and Eastern Rosellas.

Early evening, a Drongo is singing from bare branch on a Blackbutt above the driveway, singing for an hour with no response.

The Satin Bowerbirds are meeting in the garden, two males are shaking their tails at each other quietly, a young bird is making strange noises. Mind you, the adults make the weirdest, complicated calls of any birds here (and can mimic).

Music like art or poetry doesn’t have to be complicated (compare Milton Babbit to Lawrence Crane).

English composer and pianist Michael Finnissy playing English composer’s Laurence Crane’s, Derridas No. 4. From Jacques Derrida goes to a nightclub, 20th Century Music, Solo Piano Pieces, 2013.

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