New video, World Wetlands Day, 2024

Gamang, Gumbaynggirr Country, NSW

Keep an eye out for ducks, coots, black and pied cormorants, purple Swamphens and a pelican.

World Wetlands Day site

Wetland ecosystems vary enormously from tidal wetlands like salt marshes, mangroves, sand or mud flats to grassland streams and ponds, or forest wetland swamps. Wetlands play a crucial role in purifying water, mitigating floods, and as habitat for diverse wildlife, including migratory and endangered species. Yet they are vanishing faster than rainforests.

How can artists respond to eco-crises?

Hungry Ibis chick

Reminder: I have a show coming up in September at Yarrilla, the new Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery – about a wetland: ‘Yurrun.Ga: Remediated Wetlands, Gumbaynggirr Country.

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