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March 27, our birthday – 7 years in Blue Poles

March 27, our birthday – 7 years in Blue Poles

We haven’t missed Sydney once in all this time.

We feel so lucky every day to live in this region, the Mid-North-Coast, though I would like a worthier name for this amazing area, Gumbaynggirr Country for example (an not reverting to the fifties marketing of ‘the Pacific Beautizone’).

And we both feel lucky to live in this house beside Jagun Nature Reserve.

Blue Poles Pn from Jagun_wb
Blue Poles from Jagun, March 27

This morning I was down by the estuary and watched ‘the wet moon’ rise over the river mouth.

Wet moon274
Eos and the wet moon

The crescent moon is near the horizon above Helios, the sun, still below the horizon.




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