Kimberley, Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles

Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles

Bungles Cathederal Gorge walk_Wyn1

Size matters, impressive formations, impressive skin, rock torn and rubbed.

A golden skink waits for me to make the first move, the water is still too,

evaporating silently, such a natural cathedral deserves respect, but I belt out

 Bungles Cathederal Gorge walkpool - Copy

‘The Hills are alive . . .’ to hear it all over again. Wyn’s reached the end

under that mass of rock, sketch pad in hand, maybe not be big enough,

an after-image of bright red sunslammed rock is mirrored clearly.

Bungles Cathederal Gorge_pool_Wyn

Bungles Cathederal Gorge White-necked Heron sentinel

A Pacific Heron acts as sentinel watching us leave too soon

past tall grey funnels constructed by the termite armies.

I’m wrestling with thirst, looking up at the edges of rock and sky.


Bungles Cathederal Gorge walk7

Bungles Cathederal Gorge walk3



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