Just one more option for sustainable living, Sept 29

The name’s unfortunate, an alternate rhyme
to smitten/kitten. If only cats had this nose,
tough brown chiton skin and not soft fur
these killers would lose their glamour-puss.

And what of its umwelt? Does it notice
the Callistemon branches bouncing, red tassels
shaking with deafening screams and shrieks?
I have a question. Do weevils make good pets?

You have a beautiful nose darling, fit for purpose.
What’s in a name (again)? Do current insurance policies
cover funeral expenses and veterinary care? They require
the careful reading of every word, unfortunately.

And I recommend climbing a little higher,
the view this morning is worth it.
Can your eyes take in the streaks of gold?
You can even see the sea, just.

‘Weevils are a particularly good example of the importance, and some would say dominance, of beetles. With their mouths on the ends of long snouts, they can drill holes in plants, into which they deposit their eggs through a special ovipositor, or egg-laying tube. This protects their larvae and gives them a separate food source from adults so they are not in competition.

They are tightly associated with specific plants, giving them especially important roles within eco-systems. With some 60,000 species in a number of families, they are also highly diverse and specialised, even for a family of beetles.’

Nic Fleming, ‘Which organism has had the biggest impact on the planet?’ BBC Earth, 10 February, 2015.

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