Happiness, 5 April

The last sunlight for a while is pouring over fish
sailing under our feet, Wrasse, Butterfly Fish, Stripies,
armadas of Bream in orderly formations silently sliding
down a glass slope, three Stingrays and an Osprey
whinnying from a masthead in the middle of the marina.
Wyn and I hold each other, rapt in the sparkling sea,
a reservoir of lumens circling the island lighthouse.

Later, we are both excited by the barking hiccup
from an Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog, first for a year
since two Green Tree Snakes have been roaming.
That call by a small amphibious king of the world
was music to our ears thrown wide-open.


‘One of the big things about music I think, is it has this power to kind of elevate, and that’s what culture does. Can make the days a bit better, even a tiny bit, you know, one percent better and that is what’s so exciting about it.’ Max Richter[i]

[i] Composer Max Richter talking to John Wilson. BBC Radio 4, This Cultural Life, 19 Feb 2022.

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