From Ospreys in the sun to terns in wind and rain

From Ospreys in the sun to terns in wind and rain

How uncertain the present is.

One day beautiful, the next solid rain from a trough stuck over the coast with the remnants of Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia moving south.

Deep Creek low tide afternoon1
Deep Creek, Valla low tide afternoon

landing Osprey fishing_Deep_Creek

Osprey fishing_Deep_Creek
Osprey with fish, Deep Creek, Valla

A day later the only life I saw was a pair of Crested Terns battling the wind and dying Goose Barnacles

Wild conditions at Valla
I thought the king tide would bring rubbish, but I only collected three small pieces of plastic, one glass bottle and this lightbulb


Cave rain_Valla1

“You are silent, puzzling. I see you gaze back at the rock face now, questioning it, feeling the looming sweep of its bulk within your torso, listening with your muscles and the quiet composition of your bones for what this old, sculpted presence might wish to add to the conversation. I watch you lie back upon the stony soil, giving yourself to the shelter of the overhanging sandstone, inviting the cool embrace of its shadow. Water drips near your face. The stillness, the quietude of this rock is its very activity, the steady gesture by which it enters and alters your life.” David Abram Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology, Pantheon Books, 2010

Cave rain_Valla
Cave rain, Valla
rain brings out colour in cave walls
Rain brings out colour in cave walls
Psychedelic beach
More colours on the psychedelic beach



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