Exciting garden news, 6 Dec

It’s taken me so long to realise the inevitability of grief, my mother is now is heading back from hospital to her flat with end-of-life care.

In the meantime, we have been excited to have had a Buff-banded Rail screeching in the garden a month ago, but recently keeping very quiet and this morning our first sighting of two chicks, small back balls of fur on large feet, picking off sedge seeds.

I snatch a lousy shot.

Photo by Wildplaces. This is the adult with a chick.

I reiterate gardens are important for biodiversity – at all cost avoid neatness, and make most plants native to the area. Birds, animals and insects will come if you provide habit for them.

A storm is coming, the wind strums the canopy, the trees sway
single-weighted, the Tao is here everywhere

I have toothache notice an ad on TV ‘This actor is playing a real dentist’ and I think of Baudrillard on ‘hyperreality’ packing out the National Art School theatre, and having to watch the lecture on a screen in a nearby room. Is he still read?


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