Easter Sunday, Resurrections Pt 1

Easter Sunday, Resurrections Pt 1

Photographs, 5:30am – 6:40am                                                                                             EOS

Eos_Easter Sunday_8

Showing how rich the world is. St Augustine’s vision was of a world laced with vestigia dei, traces and shadows of God. Eos was not enough for him, despite his appreciation of the ‘grandeur’ of nature.

Eos_Easter Sunday_3_8 Eos_Easter Sunday_4_8 Eos_Easter Sunday_6_8 Eos_Easter Sunday_2_8Eos_Easter Sunday_5_8 Eos_Easter Sunday_Rock Oysters_8

Striaited Heron_Deep Creek_8
Striaited Heron, Deep Creek
Egrets_sunrise_Deep Creek_800
Egrets_sunrise_Deep Creek
Galahs and moon_Deep Creek
Galahs guarding the moon



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