Christmas Eve, Valla Beach

Christmas Eve, Valla Beach

Christmas Eve, Deep Creek, Eos_1
Christmas Eve, Deep Creek, 20 min before sunrise


Xmas eve 2014, Deep Creek, for Wyn

Low tide exposes shaves and slicks, pools,
cramped deltas, stingray hollows illuminated by
a sky ripping coral streaks and spinning perse discs,

a particular language of cloud. If death could
be found it would be here, sinking in the sluggish
flow of inky, blue, golden, transparent water.

Christams Eve, Eos

Christmas Eve, Deep Creek, sunrise with cormorants
Christmas Eve, Deep Creek, cormorants arriving

The tide is starting to drive the sea up channel,
a Brahminy Kite flying across the river mouth
announces sunrise – the flock of cormorants

fly in on schedule. I look around, you are
photographing our star flooding the sea too,
our lives mesh as if Santa is coming.

Christmas Eve, Wyn photographing sunrise

Christams Eve, Deep Creek, Eos Christams Eve, Deep Creek, sunrise

After our Xmas party last night, it was good to get up early and clear the head.

Amidst festivities, we were on the balcony and a Square-tailed Kite sailed right over head being mobbed by a group of Galahs, then a few minutes later two raptors, a little to the east (we think Pacific Bazas) came the other way. There were plenty of Black Cockatoos and Needle-tail Swifts and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets and Rainbows with a family of five Kookaburras calling from the branch overhanging the entrance to the forest. Birds belong to every festive occasion.

A few days ago I interrupted lunch with friends hearing a ruckus, and two ospreys were flying overhead, followed by a sea-eagle followed by three angry magpies.

Christmas Eve, Stingray hole, Eos
Christmas Eve, Stingray hole,

Christams Eve, Stingray hole, Eos_1 Deep Creek, first light, reflection
Deep Creek, low tide, first light

Christmas Eve, Deep Creek, Wyn
Christmas Eve, Deep Creek, Wyn
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