Boxing Day, Valla

Boxing Day, Valla

Began with the roos coming our of the forest and the young joey, just two weeks or so out of the pouch, play boxing with mum. Then to the regatta and up for grabs was Wyn’s fine Lovegroove trophy.

The Lovegroove regatta trophy
The Lovegroove regatta trophy
Regatta, Snails Pace_sinking
Regatta, Snails Pace_Karl sinking
Regatta, Snails Pace_mk2
Regatta, Snails Pace_mk2, the sail not working


Homo faber suae quisque fortunae (Every man is the artifact of his destiny). Appius Claudius Caecus.

The Lovegroove regatta_1
The Lovegroove regatta, Valla

Henri Bergson also referred to the concept of Homo faber (Man the Creator) in Creative Evolution (1907). Humans are intelligent, having the “faculty to create artificial objects, in particular tools to make tools, and to indefinitely variate its makings.” Hannah Arendt and Max Scheler used the term to refer to humans controlling their environment through tool use.

Lovegroove regatta tug of war_2
Lovegroove regatta tug of war

‘Civilisations at their most complete moments always brought out in man his instinct to play and made it more inventive.’ Jung.

Johan Huizinga, author of Homo LudensMankind at Play, argues that culture itself ‘arises in the form of play’. I have argued previously that bricolage is a central process in human development that requires, curiosity, intelligence, skill and play,






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