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Beach Minimalism

Beach Minimalism

Harry Callahan, Untitled, 1946

‘Here, studying the Chicago beach as if it were a Zen garden, Callahan focuses on the delicate surf line, two or three stones, and the cone-shaped interference patterns created by water returning back to the lake.’  The Met.

I do find tide lines and ebb markings fascinating, and I took more minimalist beach work a few years ago. These images are from the last 6 weeks.

Beach lines with Comb Jellies, Shelly, Nambucca, Oct 10, 19
Comb Jelly, Shelly, Nambucca, Oct 10, 19
Leaf, Shelly, Nambucca, Oct 10, 19
Beach Hole, Shelly, Nambucca, Nov 29, 19

Simplicity of shape does not necessarily equate with simplicity of experience. Robert Morris

Dead Shearwater, Shelly, Nambucca, Nov 29, 19
Wind blown minimalism_0, Valla, 27 Nov, 19. With some ash from the bush fires.
Wind blown minimalism_9

Provocative critic Camille Paglia states: No major figure of profound influence has emerged in painting or sculpture since the waning of Pop Art and the birth of Minimalism in the early 1970s. Camille Paglia, ‘How Capitalism Can Save Art: Camille Paglia on why a new generation has chosen iPhones and other glittering gadgets as its canvas’, Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2012.

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