Australia Day, Valla

Australia Day, Valla

A regatta was held at Chris Wilson place, lots of Australian flags, lots of food and fun.

01 26_regatta_microcomp
Tough competition in the DIY yacht competition
01 26_regatta_microcomp1
Our craft – the Margaret Olley foreground
01 26_regatta_rescuing Olley
rescuing Margaret Olley
01 26_regatta_racing3
Relay race
01 26_regatta_towing argument
Towing argument

I handed out the trophy and gave a small speech saying that on this day of all days, we should remind ourselves that this beautiful region where we live is Gumbaynggirr country, and I gave thanks to elders past and present. The Aboriginal Saltwater/Freshwater Festival set for Coffs today was cancelled late in the piece due to a funding shortfall.

In a rain break I admired some of the trees beside the dam, in detail so beautiful.

01 26_regatta_tree_lichen

01 26_regatta_treespider 01 26_regatta_tree1 01 26_regatta_treebug


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