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Am I Dying Yet? Book launch, June 8. BRWF



Book Launch: 10.45, 8 June, Maam Gaduying Park (opp the Mem Hall). Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival 

Suffering in the world never ends, but this journal celebrates the everyday during treatment for cancer.

Exploring the natural / cultural history of Gumbaynggirr Country each day nourishes optimism and drive.

A healthy natural environment is so beneficial for wellness.
167 pages, 70 colour photographs


Acknowledgements: A huge thank you to my love Wyn; Coffs North Coast Cancer Institute staff; my GP Dr. John Mulholland; my late parents; Gumbaynggirr custodians, past, present and future of this amazing region. Also, W.C. Röntgen, John Hall-Edwards, Dr. Ludlam and E. H. Grubb Co., and Marie Curie; Geoffrey Hill; Libby Feez, and the miracle of photosynthesis. And thanks to all bush regenerators, FEA, NVCA, NEFA and all the local groups fighting to preserve our natural heritage here in Gumbaynggirr Country.

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