Absent Eos, 5 Jan

Cloud is anchoring darkness, clouds
shapes shift, bending black back, rain

starts hurtling down. I wait for a glimpse
of Helios. I’m a fair-weather friend.

The estuary is emptying, slack water squirms
rain is still falling but is taking its time.

The lagoon replenished overnight seeps
into the river, it all kind of makes sense.

I disturb the Striated Heron who jumps banks
and stalks the inside curve toward the mouth.

A White-faced Heron glides in, then a Black Cormorant
who doesn’t stay long – it doesn’t look promising.

Striated Heron flew away to the other bank
The lagoon is replenished

What I don’t expect is a joey cleaning itself
in the middle of the main street of the village,
mother watching me, and a Bar-shouldered Dove
crossing the road in front of them.

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