A use for art, 15 Feb

A congested ocean heaves successive waves
racing to collapse, releasing what looks like a head.
Unsure, I wait, staring into the swirling abyss.

A Green Turtle surfaces for a second breath,
a marine marvel, trying to survive the wreckage.
I twist as a wave explodes on rocks soaking me.
Refocus. Never got the shot. Instead, found a woman
capturing rock and light. Beauty uses every form.

I photograph large, blunt-faced cod waiting in the lagoon
for lunch to pour in from the sea. Sometimes you need art.
Galahs are tucking into casuarinas overhead.

I come eye to eye with a red-faced Pied Cormorant,
the connection brief, but not imagined. Earth is changing,
conditions deteriorating, we need to connect.

Nyambaga Bindarray

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