A bushwalk when feeling crook

A bushwalk when feeling crook

I am on antibiotics, feeling crook, but a walk through our forest is a pick me up. There is always something new to see.

I love antechinus, a native carnivorous, marsupial (mouse like) but with a pointed head and big eyes. Their habitat is primarily forests, but some species like heaths and grasslands. There are ten species in Australia, most located on the eastern coast of Australia along the Great Dividing Range. The two species in this area are Yellow-footed and Agile. I don’t know which this species this beauty is,

The forest sidesteps me, my camera and binoculars, as I, being no sage, hunt for the details.

‘When a Taoist sage is wandering through the forest, he is not going anywhere, he is just wandering.’ Alan Watts, The Way of Liberation.

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