EosVIRUS 2020

12 October VIRUS 2020

12 October, VIRUS 2020

Paterson’s Curse looks pretty, but it’s on the rise in Canberra and it threatens native ecosystems. ABC

Australia among top countries at risk of ecosystem collapse, analysis finds. The Guardian

Biggest North Pole mission back from ‘dying Arctic’: Researchers on the world’s biggest mission to the North Pole returned to Germany on Monday, bringing home devastating proof of a dying Arctic Ocean and warnings of ice-free summers in just decades. https://phys.org/news

Philip Larkin: a way of seeing. How Larkin’s passion for photography sharpened his poetic vision. Spiked

Electric neon Eos, anticipation, a new day to harvest.

The sun, a myth with a future.

Three Channel-billed Cuckoos (largest cuckoos on the planet) racket the air with primordial song.


Filming at Coffs Creek (Buluunggal, Gumbaynggirr for mullet) for a conceptual art piece. A cormorant appears, looking up at me and the camera, then dives down to his world, off camera swallows, Willy Wagtails, Orioles, Peewees, Fig Birds, a White-faced Heron.

I follow Buluunggal further looking for snakes, the morning still hugs the cold by the water, another Azure Kingfisher, a female King Parrot passes silently banking through the trees, not expected.

Nor the rough sleeper’s belongings by the municipal pool.


Have a long chat to Ian. He manages a travel agency, has planet of time on his hands

Lunch, Japanese at Mamagotos with Libby, the menu has changed with COVID – and it’s not as good. She works opposite at the Aboriginal lands Council, loves the work, or did, the projects are derailing from COVID. She was a volunteer for the Bellingen Writers Festival, worked so hard.

I wander down to the marina, usually something happening.

The boats are unknown vessels for dark trading, seasick medleys, their shanties of wind and spray and the stink of diesel and fish.


Then to my appointment with Dr. Sleep. I test him from our phone consult. He showed me the slip of paper with his writing, Richard Rorty, Contingency, Irony and Solidarity, says he has been too busy.

I ask where he is from. A small town in Maharashtra. Not any tourists then. There are caves nearby – Of course! Ellora, I’ve been there. He laughs surprised. And Ajanta. He has never been there. But they are only a 100 ks away!
I tell the technicians is going to pay for them to have a holiday in India to se the caves – they all laugh, Doc pokes his head out to see what’s going on – even he smiles when I tell him.




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