The elusive Josef Beuys

The elusive Josef Beuys

The elusive Josef Beuys
The elusive Josef Beuys, Sydney University
  • Beuys thought art important for energising society and  reconciliation with nature – we are inter-connected with all
  • He was a mysterious self mythologising artist, his use of the anti-art materials lard and felt he said originated from when he was in the Luftwaffe, shot down and nursed in these materials
  • For this performance Beuys flew to New York, was covered in felt taken by ambulance from the Airport to the New York gallery
  • For most of the eight hours a day over three days locked in with the coyote he remained hidden beneath his felt blanket. Not much happened
  • The coyote is a sacred animal in native American mythology
  • This coyote was actually half-wolf, half-husky
  • The coyote was indifferent to the artistic allegory.
Joseph Beuys, ‘I Like America and America Likes Me’ (performance, 1974)


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