May 5, Jagun

May 5, Jagun

Burton's legless lizard
Burton’s legless lizard, Jagun

A walk reprises other walks but always offers the new. We see the first Mistletoe Bird and Yellow-faced Honeyeater of the season and for the first time here Burton’s legless lizard.

I’ve been told there are two populations of the Yellow-faced Honeyeater – one lot stay for our summer then migrate north in February, and ones from Tasmania arrive in April. There are small differences but very hard to see high in the canopy. I presume these are from the Apple Isle.

The Coastal Banksia are all in flower and some Bloodwoods so the birds are back – and I am back to using my pocket Canon G11.

Coastal Banksia in situ, Jagun
Coastal Banksia in situ, Jagun
Wind Patterns, Jagun
Wind drawings, Jagun
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