Forest Ecology Alliance (FEA)

The Forest Ecology Alliance (FEA)  New South Wales

FEA is concentrating on protecting Newry State Forest in Gumbaynggirr Country, near Jaaningbirriny (Valla, NSW where I live). The forest is Koala habitat and Koalas are present. It is also an important corridor linking coastal forest up to Point Lookout on the Great Dividing Range. FEA is one of many groups around Australia battling to save native forests from indiscriminate logging regimes.

A large number of compartments of Newry SF and Little Newry SF are scheduled for intensive logging soon. Deanna Markovina is the ball of energy and hard graft, at the heart of this small band of citizen scientists and activists.

FEA Facebook page has the latest information.
Jaaningbirriny (Valla) is just to the south, off this map

A video by FEA (Benn, Feb 2021) shows how mismanaged Forestry Corporation operations are. Once they clear cut, weeds proliferate, creeks are trashed – AND in rich Koala habitat.


An FEA post (5 Sept 2021) a short essay of mine, on natural values and the reserve system.

A post from 13 Feb 2021 on FEA Work to protect Newry State Forest.

A post from 14 March. The forest provides wildlife corridors, healthy habitat and an abundance of old growth tree hollow shelters for threatened and endangered fauna species, such as Koalas, Yellow-bellied gliders and the Giant barred frog.

A post from 17 May. FEA welcomed Cate Faehrmann, Greens MLC MP to see Newry State Forest for herself. She was presented with a report of scientifically driven arguments for saving Newry SF and offering important information of what is at stake for the future of this forest, its habitats, fauna and flora.

Yarning circle with Cate Faehrmann,17 May, 2021.
Angophera (my totem), Newry SF.

Forest Ecology Alliance (FEA) & Citizen Science

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