What the world will miss ~ Monday

What the world will miss ~ Monday

. . . if we continue with the rapid decline of biodiversity and rising temperatures . . .

After overnight rain, I was up early to transplant some tree ferns that had self-seeded and found the garden full of spiders and birds.

A host of alarm calls preceded a Grey Goshawk flying low over the vegetable garden chased by three Noisy Miners.

We went for our usual walk into Jagun via the firetrail and the roos’ favourite grass.

Joey having a wash
Lower track into Jagun
Oyster Creek after the rains

Near our garden we always look out for ears.

As we reached our garden more alarm calls alerted us to a Pacific Baza making lazy spirals overhead.

Pacific Baza looping high over the garden

Later, we had lunch on the banks of the Nambucca River, the Grey Mangroves are flowering.

Great Egret, Nambucca River

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