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Today is important

Today is important

Wyn saw a rare moonbow at 4.30am this morning 8 Sept. For a moonbow to form, the moon must be near full (tomorrow) and low in the sky and the night sky must be very dark (and it must be raining). As the sky is not dark near a full moon, they can only be observed 2 to 3 hours before sunrise or after sunset. I was asleep, but when iIgot to my study an Eastern Rosella was looking at me from a couple of feet away.

Every day is important given the magnitude of the environmental crisis (let alone all the humanitarian ones). Every day is important for the individual. I had to go to the dentist,  but made use of the trip to look for whales, saw a pod far out heading south, and such lovely light.

Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach, Nambucca
Nambucca River and Wolli Creek, Nambucca
Nambucca River and Wolli Creek, Nambucca


Crisis what crisis?

Two weeks ago  E.O. Wilson, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, warned that we are facing a “biological holocaust” as devastating as the extinction of the dinosaurs unless humans agree to share land more equally with the planet’s 10 million other species.

The  week before we were warned that the world has already reached ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ ( Ecological Debt Day) created by Andrew Simms, climate economist at Global Witness, a London-based think tank. This is the point at which humans have used up the natural resources the world can produce in a year – resources such as soils, habitat, trees, plants, animals and fish. Not only that, we have outstripped the planet’s annual capacity to absorb waste products, such as, carbon dioxide. So today we are living off resources borrowed from our future generations,


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