The Boxing Kangaroo

The Boxing Kangaroo

I am not talking about the sad state of the national airline (who I have to say, robbed me of my air miles) but the Alpha male who appeared again a week ago and is hassling one of the two young males that live here.

Boxing roosb
Eastern Grey Kangaroos sparring

I was alerting to the sparring by a raucous coughing outside.  Sub-dominant males will acknowledge the dominant male’s status by a cough/ guttural throat clearing. If they don’t cough then a real fight will break out using their powerful legs. This Alpha Male was asserting his authority (the female and joey were watching and feeding from a safe twenty metres away).

Boxing roosa
Boxing kangaroos, Alpha Male dominating

Safety: A large male is a powerful animal who may see you as a threat. If close to one, especially one who has been sparring or interested in a female, avoid any threat behaviour, don’t make eye contact and even try a short, deep cough, and crouch down as you move away.

Boxing roosc
Boxing kangaroos, nifty footwork by the young male

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