Jagun Nature Reserve, once a farm

Jagun Nature Reserve, once a farm

Jagun Nature Reserve was purchased under the Coastal Lands Protection Scheme and gazetted in 1999. Oyster Creek forms the north-western boundary of the reserve, the North Coast Railway Line forms the south-western boundary and the eastern boundary of the reserve runs along the mean high water mark of North Valla.

Pale alpha male in garden

Our house is on the southern boundary and our garden facing the Reserve is frequented by Eastern Grey Kangaroos and the occasional Swamp Wallaby and Spotted Quoll .

Oyster Creek, Jagun, just after sunrise
Oyster Creek, Jagun, just after sunrise

The Reserve is only 100 hectares of mostly open woodland on poor sandy soils, but every walk brings a new sensation, perception, realisation or experience. This morning I saw a Swamp Wallaby, too fast for my camera, and a Water Dragon, again too quick.

Reminder, Jagun was a farm
Reminder at the Oyster Creek crossing, Jagun was a farm

Jagun was a farm and traces remain.

Barbed wire, Jagun_1
Barbed wire, Jagun

Bird life is plentiful. How many birds can you see below?

Birds, Scentless Rosewood
Birds harvesting a Scentless Rosewood
Stump with Elkhorn, pn_v
Stump with Elkhorn,
Moss, Jagun
Moss, Jagun
Male Varied Sword-grass Brown
Male Varied Sword-grass Brown, still flying well
Hyacinth orchid
Hyacinth orchid



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