Bushfires Wed 23 Oct

Bushfires, Wed 23 Oct

Thinking of friends in the Blue Mountains threatened by fire, today  could have been horrific. Congratulations to all the hard working fire fighters.

On the ABC news feed just now: “It’s really about time we sat down with our First Australian friends to discuss the best way to manage this landscape with fire. They have been doing it for thousands of years…it’s way past time to learn to work with fire. Combine ancient knowledge with cutting edge science & technology to live comfortably in this amazing country that we all love.” Audience comment by madbushranger 9:12 PM, Wed 23 Oct.
I recommend reading Bill “Fire is drought with legs’ Gammage, our guest in March for BRWF.

“Blackheath dodges a bullet: A bushfire bearing down on the Blue Mountains town was thwarted by aerial water-bombing despite being fanned by strong winds.” Luckily – as our ‘priceless’ art is hanging in the NPWS heritage centre on the edge of the escarpment.

And of course with the park shut – our art is in the dark.

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