Birds, Striated Herons and Rainbow Bee-eaters among others

Birds, Striated Herons and Rainbow Bee-eaters among others

Golden Plovers, Urunga2_w
Golden Plovers, Urunga
Curlew, Urunga_w
Urunga Lagoon
Urunga Lagoon

David Abram in The Spell of the Sensuous, studied indigenous traditions and early Western culture and came to the view that language has a sensuous connection to nature. Human speech emerged from the landscape and its sounds, cries and songs that we were immersed in and which now are being silenced.

Pied Cormorant staring back_w Pied Cormorant1_w

Birds are individuals, some make good parents, some bad, some are aggressive, some more sociable, some promiscuous. This Striated Heron was very attentive, wandered off occasionally for another twig to maintain the nest, but turned the eggs and when the other parent poked its nose in, it backed out immediately, seemingly of no use at this time.

Striated Heron yawning_w
Striated Heron yawning
Straited Heron brooding two eggs_w
Striated Heron brooding two eggs
Striated Heron turning the eggs_w
Striated Heron turning the eggs


These Rainbow Bee-eaters were a bit put out that a pair of Striated Pardelotes were nesting next door.

Bee-eater & Striated Pardelote, Urunga__w
Bee-eater & Striated Pardelote, Urunga
Bee-eaters, Urunga__sm
Bee-eaters, Urunga
Bee-eaters2, Urunga_w
Bee-eaters, Urunga


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