Back towards Oyster Lagoon

Back towards Oyster Lagoon

15 Feb

We bumped into our neighbour Tim yesterday , the council ‘s weed guy

he was worried, had seen some Giant rat’s tail grass, a weed from Africa,

we said we’d take a look, so here we are with poison, bags and trowel.

02 15_Jagun_vine - Copy

Seed is scattered, some think it too late, and abjure the mourning. 02 15_Jagun_carving

On the way so many distractions, some of the richest sounds in the galaxy,

and tiny three petalled lobelias, violets purple and white, the red spots

of colour are the fresh leaves of the Sarsaparilla vine, glimpse

of a Swamp Wallaby bounding away.

02 15_Jagun_Oyster Creek1

The creek is lying on its back reflecting the sky, gripping

the trees off the bank and holding them upside down.

02 15_Jagun_Oyster Creek


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