Autumn has reached us, 29 March

Coffs Botanic Gardens, a treasure

And its fungi time. A friend in Switzerland sent us this new release, ‘Underground Lovers: Encounters with fungi’, Alison Pouliot, UNSW Press. Well worth getting.

Phallus multicolor, Yellow Bridal Veil Stinkhorn
Pink stinkhorn (sp?) with snail and flies

‘After centuries of fear and disdain, mushrooms are having their moment. From sci-fi smash hits to drug trials, an emerging league of mycophiles are bringing fungi out of the shadows.’
Alison Pouliot, ‘The fungal awakening’: how we came to love (and fear) fungi’, Guardian, 19 Mar 2023

Golden Scruffy, Cyptotrama asprata
Lichen, like fungi, are underrated

‘Fungi is a whole another kingdom equal if not greater than in diversity than both the plants and animals. DNA studies show that there are thousands of different fungi in a single sample of soil, many of which are unknown and hidden – so-called ‘dark taxa’. BBC, ‘The secret life of fungi: Ten fascinating facts’, 12 September, 2018.

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