Children in Detention

In leaked documents the Guardian got hold of earlier this week, there are over 1,000 allegations of self-harm, sexual assault, beatings and trauma involving children alone from the detention centre on the remote Pacific island of Nauru. These asylum seeking kids are so vulnerable, who we have responsibility for, but we are allowing this to happen.

Our current government has given an unbelievably callous response to these revelations.

Nauru demo Nambucca Monday 15_

Nauru demo Nambucca, Monday 15 August 2016

For info on local responses see this blog – Rural Australians for Refugees Bellingen and Nambucca Districts

How to write to a a detainee – info here

I am a poet, writing is commonplace for me, but poems are not enough. I have written to a refugee and my local MP. I wish everyone would bombard their local representatives with their concerns.

Refugees protest on Nauru, ABC, March 2015

Refugees protest on Nauru, ABC, March 2015

From the ABC, March 2015

What did you expect? You, hypocrite reader,
et cetera? You want some opiate, a poetic abracadabra
so your ordinary responsibility for our ordinary political failure
can be charmed away?
Douglas Oliver, Penniless Politics.