What the world will miss ~ Saturday

What the world will miss ~ Saturday

. . . if we continue with the rapid decline of biodiversity and rising temperatures . . .

Four Sooty Oystercatchers, Nambucca. Listed Vulnerable in NSW
Green Tree Frog on native orchid (Tankervilleae) by our front steps
King Parrots guarding our front door

We are fortunate to experience all kinds of wonderful encounters with nature every day since leaving Sydney nearly 10 years ago. The problem is how to help people, especially urbanites, realise what they are missing and what their children and their children’s children will never have the chance to experience.

‘Many species and communities suffer from the cumulative impacts of multiple pressures. Most jurisdictions consider the status of threatened species to be poor and the trend to be declining. Invasive species, particularly feral animals, are unequivocally increasing the pressure they exert on Australia’s biodiversity, and habitat fragmentation and degradation continue in many areas. The impacts of climate change are increasing.’ 2017

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