World Ocean Day, 8 June

We are in Evan’s Head, north of Byron Bay, and from this spot, all looks well with the ocean and the wildlife that depends on it. Oceans cover 70% of the planet and are home to 80% of life on Earth.

As soon as we arrived in the morning we spotted a couple of ospreys on a nest, then one came closer

We watched Gannets diving close to surfers

A Green Turtle appeared near the seawalls

Crested Terns Silver Gulls and Goanna Headland

Another Osprey flew over us late afternoon

BUT the sea is in trouble

Oceans help regulate the climate but are becoming warmer, more acidic, and containing less oxygen. Sea levels are also rising. Combined with the impacts of overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction, this is leading to marine biodiversity loss. See Oceans in danger: the threats they face. UN post 8 June

World Ocean Day: the top Seascape stories of the past year. The Guardian 8 June

World Ocean Day: How much plastic is in our oceans? According to UNESCO, 8-10 million tonnes of plastic are released into the sea every year. Aljazeera


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