Wild Weather, heavy rain after the fires

Wild Weather, heavy rain after the fires

Expecting heavy coastal erosion after the last few days and more wet weather to come

Trees down on Miilba’s bank, Feb 7

The shore is always a dynamic place. A tough place to survive.

High tide, Feb 8
A sick turtle found on Middle Beach, Valla, on its way to the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park at Coffs. One of two found at Valla in the last few days (unusually). What with cold currents from the south, plastics filling the oceans and rough seas, young turtles have a lot to deal with. Another problem for Green Turtles is that 99% born in prime nesting habitat on Australia’s east coast are female (due to rising temperatures).

Of the seven species of marine turtles in the world, six occur in Australian waters. This is the Green Turtle, the only herbivorous marine turtle. I have watched them mating off Heron Island, such a wonderful sight compared to this pitiful image.

Rough sea, Middle Beach, Valla, Feb 9
Brahminy Kite in the rain, Feb 9
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