Two Peregrine Falcons over Deep Creek

Two Peregrine Falcons over Deep Creek

Peregrine Deep Creek4_wb

Two Peregrines, Deep Creek_wb

Wyn in Deep Creek
I had just been swimming with Wyn in Deep Creek when the two falcons appeared.

The Peregrine is the fastest life form. A National Geographic TV program stated that one in a hunting (stoop) was clocked at 389 km/h (242 mph). They became endangered due to DDT in many areas but are now doing well. It is the world’s most widespread raptor and I have seen them in Britain, Europe and Egypt (and one last week).

The RSPB provide scopes, which I have used, just at the end of Millennium Bridge to help people see the falcons that nest on Tate Modern’s chimney. But seeing them in a new context, flying over the beach, and a pair (they mate for life) and in such glorious light was special.

Peregrine Deep Creek2_wb

Peregrine Deep Creek1~wb

Peregrine Deep Creek_wb

Deep Creek_pn_wb
Deep Creek


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