The spirit of Christmas, Sydney

The spirit of Christmas, Sydney


I have the flu, it wet and stormy and the city is so noisy.

Photographing the Xmas tree, Martin Place
Martin Place Siege
Martin Place Siege

to the siege three days later:
The world seems to be in a dark place, despite all our scientific, technological and cultural achievements there is armed conflict all over the world, and now in the heart of Sydney. Poverty is still killing 6 million children a year and ‎Christmas has been cancelled in Liberia. As for our animal relatives, global warming and human population pressureans on the planet now face extinction, 26% of mammal species and 13% of birds. continue to drive biodiversity loss. Yesterday (Dec 12), Nature reported that 41% of all amphibi

Then we get, ‘At least 145 people were killed, more than 100 of whom were children. Survivors described Taliban gunmen walking from one child to the next . . .’  This atrocity occurred in an army school in Peshawar where I had a wild time once (described here) – I can’t resolve this, the world is turning upside down.


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