The Inexplicable

Dave (front) and I, probably Turkey, probably 1975

I have an empirical mindset, though I do leave room for the inexplicable.

Hi Dave

I have just watched Rob Brydon and Alan Partridge! pay 120 pounds for a lunch for two in a Turkish restaurant. What was the most we ever paid for a meal – any idea? [20:23 11 Jan 2022, Valla Beach, NSW.]

Oh wow, cue this up now!!  … !

To explain perhaps…….Joss woke me up this morning as I’d slept through our alarm (don’t ask what time it’s set to, as you’d be horrified!) but at least it allowed me to tell her about the end part of the dream that I’d just had.

I was in a large dining room with at least 30 other people of all ages. A question had just been asked of all of us which was ‘What was the lowest price you paid for a meal?’

A 6-7 year old kid came up to a blackboard and put £6.80 on it, to which I then walked up and rubbed out the £6 to leave 80p. (I remembered that we’d paid this amount somewhere in Turkey!)

So, your question followed about an hour after my dream, although I’ve only just had time to respond….(work can wait)… so was that co-incidental or what!!
[22:41 (Aus time) 11 Jan 2022, West Hampstead, London.]


Very weird!! What other superhero abilities do you have (apart for tremendous amounts of sleeping)?

Yes, 80p ($A1.50) sounds about right, though that would have been a special occasion. Our diet in the mid-seventies was almost exclusively bread, fetta and tomatoes, with watermelon as a treat. Oh, and their meal cost 130 pounds with wine, not 120. The camera showed the kitchen staff slaving away while the two stars relaxed in a beautiful garden setting, somewhere near Troy, at a table with a starched white table cloth. It just seemed so unfair, and they barely commented on the food and didn’t compliment the staff.

P.S. Have never seen the X files- didn’t even recognise the theme tune!

P.P.S. I attach a phot of us in Turkey probably (or Greece, Syria even?)

The Trip to Greece, 2020. Stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, directed by Michael Winterbottom. ‘Actors Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan travel from Troy to Ithaca following in the footsteps of the Odysseus.’


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