Selling paradise in Sydney via units

Sydney’s air pollution levels are better than those of many comparable cities around the world, but even low-level exposure to air pollutants can be a threat to people’s health. And as the recent summer demonstrated, the city can be subject to extreme air pollution from bushfires, dust storms and heat waves

I thought P would stand for Paradise in the A-Z of Living Wellness. (The global wellness economy is currently worth US$4.4 trillion and is predicted to reach US$7 trillion by 2025, reports the GWI. Accounting for 5.1 per cent of global GDP). Meanwhile, inequality is growing, children and starving, refugees just surviving.

One in five swimming spots in New South Wales have been rated as having “poor” or “very poor” pollution levels, including Sydney’s popular Coogee beach, after the state experienced its wettest summer in a decade.

Twice the number of beaches, lakes and lagoons have been exposed to concerning levels of pollution and sewage since 2019, according to the annual state of the beaches report released by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Hoardings from a development in Green Square, Inner Sydney. Nov 5, 2022

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