Montien Boonma, AGNSW

Montien Boonma, AGNSW

AGNSW, Thai, sandstone, 1300, trace of laquer
Ayutthaya Thai, sandstone Buddha head, 1300, with traces of lacquer, AGNSW
AGNSW, Spirit_and_sustenance
AGNSW, Spirit_and_sustenance, a pair from history in ‘Conversations through the Asian collections’, March 2015

Boonma was a devout Buddhist. The monk’s bowl is held out empty to be filled by passers-by in an act of mutual exchange; by giving we receive blessings so an empty bowl in fact brims with positive potential.

AGNSW, Boonma_Untitled
Montien Boonma , Untitled: two acts II, 1996.
AGNSW, Boonma_Untitled_handles
Montien Boonma , Untitled: two acts II, 1996. Handles from Boonma’s grip

AGNSW, Boonma_Untitled_scoop

The bowl has imprint of his teeth and hands. At the unveiling of the work, visitors drank whiskey and herbs from the bowl with the scoop fashioned from his mouth. Quite a performance piece, now resting, since his death from cancer in 2000,

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