Hunting and Gathering

Hunting and Gathering

Imagine a woman, She is 43. She is French. The year is 1880. She asks the hospital doctor to burn her body. She says she has no brain.

Imagine a woman. She is still alive. She is Swedish. She runs into a hospital’s emergency ward. She is screaming. She thinks she is dead.

Imagine the opposite, feeling alive on a bushwalk in Jagun. The air is live with screaming cicadas. Cicadas are flying about, mainly the large Double-drummers.

Jagun no birds cicadas1
Jagun, no birds just cicadas
cicada shell - Copy
cicada shell

The forest is deafening, the only birds seen this morning to and from a swim were a Superb-fairy Wren on the dunes and a Kookaburra on the forest edge.

Orange Spade Flower - Copy
Orange Spade Flower

The small things are to be appreciated.

small native bee
small native bee
small cicada - Copy
small cicada – Black Prince?

We have been hunting (yabbies) and gathering (seaweed).

Trapping Yabbies Valla Rural
Trapping Yabbies Valla Rural
Wyn harvesting  Middle Beach, Valla
Wyn harvesting Middle Beach, Valla
Puffer fish
Puffer fish


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