Eos vs Helios

Eos vs Helios

11 Eos, Deep Creek mouth
Eos, Deep Creek mouth. Friday Nov 20th
11 20_0807_Eos_Helios2
Helios, Deep Creek

Helios is only available to the retina for seconds before blinding from its fusion of four Hydrogen atoms into one Helium atom, using six hundred million tonnes of hydrogen each second. The nuclear reaction is equivalent to 1 trillion megaton bombs exploding every second.

11 20_Friday afternoon Helios, 31 degrees
Friday afternoon Helios, 31 degrees

Newton was so curious about light he stared into the sun and was almost blinded. H had to retire to bed in a dark room for several days. He was a mischievous, lonely boy who made things including a UFO fashioned from a lantern attached to a kite. He flew it at night from his home ‘which wonderfully affrighted all the neighbouring inhabitants’.

11 20_Friday morning, Helios waking
Friday morning, Helios waking

Eos is not after inventions or theories, all that Eos asks is that you open up all your senses and relax and by that she offers freedom.

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