Eos ~ 3 November days

Eos ~ 3 November days

Eos, Nov 14

Eos, Nov 13

Eos, Nov 12

Nov 13

Perplexed by the range of sounds water imitates,
clouds slip by their own reflections,

I’d close my eyes if it felt more real
the universe is a sound corralling you.

A bird jumps down onto the bank
from the speed and size, a Sacred Kingfisher.

The world is not allowing colour yet,
a Striated Heron flies in a monochrome reality.

Do you know where you are?
You may not.

We have become habituated
to being told when and where.

Later, in the trees, colour of the shallows,
kingfisher aqua perched.

I am a guest with nothing, except
this violent machine, the camera.

Eos, Nov 14

Helios, Nov 13

Helios, Nov 12

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