Busy writing, photographs meanwhile, August

31 Aug

Broken bridge, Nyambaga too strong
Gumbaynggirr language is spreading

30 Aug

Swallow’s unusual nest design
Eos, Black-shouldered Kite, Women’s Beach, Valla

29 Aug

Eos, Baamgal, Bonville-Headland
Heleos, Baamgal, Bonville-Headland

28 Aug

Millba and Valla Nature Reserve
Trust me, Osprey eating fish, I only had a small lens on that morning.

27 Aug

Two Lapwing chicks, Mylestom
Photo by Julia, our sacred Nunguu Mirral behind

26 Aug

Newry SF logging, info session with Uniting Church, Nambucca Heads
Newry SF logging, info session Deanne of FEA laughing

25 Aug

Arakoon NP, Monument Hill, looking south, too early for the Dagger Hakea, Boronia out
Trial Bay Gaol, Arakoon NP


24 Aug

Helios Struggling, Baamgal, Bonville Headland


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