“Birdsong is something you must reach out to love before it will reveal itself to you.” David Rothenberg, Why Birds Sing,

“Birdsong is one of the most distinctive sounds from the natural world and gives us a warm glow inside when we hear it. We’re all attuned to the need to eat five fruit and vegetables a day or take a 30-minute walk. Taking the time out to listen to five minutes of birdsong every day could be as beneficial to our well-being.” Peter Brash, ecologist with the National Trust, UK.


David Attenborough’s BBC Radio 4 Tweet of the Day features a 90-second recording of a different bird each day that began this week (May 6 2013) and is a hit and  retailers are reporting a surge in sales of bird books and recordings.

Birdsong Radio was a temporary digital attracted an estimated 500,000 listeners to its a 20 minute-long recording of a dawn chorus in a Wiltshire garden. The songs were repeated daily on a continuous loop from 6am to midnight. It was cancelled to much protest in 2009 to make way for Amazing Radio, which plays a mix of music by unsigned artists. It is now available online.


The Nightingale

mp3 of the complex song. Nightingale is Night Singer from the Old English. The usual narrative sings males at night to advertise their presence as migrating females fly overhead, or to defend their territory. But whichever, the aesthetic quality of the singing is left unexplained,

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The loudest dawn chorus

Bird calls can always surprise you. Yesterday in Cathedral Rocks National Park, at first light on a misty morning, we startled a Lyrebird

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Lyrebird display, Dorrigo

Lyrebird display, Dorrigo Between the two waterfalls we heard him, the loudest bird in the rainforest. We crept along the path and there he was, brown back to us, on his raised patch of cleared ground, his performance area. His long golden lyre feathers spread horizontally and his thin feathers were raised vertically, and then […]

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21st January closing

“The only time you’ll hear absolute silence is when you’re in no position to hear it, because you’re dead,” George Foy

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Kookaburra music

Kookaburra music   Kookaburras outside our bedroom   Our alarm clock goes off well before the sun rises over the sea. Taken from our bedroom window, you can hear the sea, insects (katydids and crickets, the males stridulate, making the sound by scraping one forewing against the other) and the laughing kookaburra, with a lot of […]

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Bird song

Bird song Neil DeGrasse Tyson: What if somebody called you a birdbrain? Wouldn’t that be an insult? Ofer Tchernichovski: Oh, great compliment! The bird brain is a very good brain.                                                   […]

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Osprey Deep Creek

Osprey, Deep Creek

small image – Striated Pardalote by Terry Evans