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Eos is a window onto natural aesthetics. I use the word Eos to refer to being in the presence of the new day, as light starts to overwhelm the gaps between the stars, before sunrise. The Greek god Eos was sister to the sun god Helios. Every morning, Eos rises from her golden throne, opens the gates of heaven and announces the coming of the sun and a new day.

Rising before dawn allows us to attend to Eos and gain some sense of our ancestors’ experience of waking to a world before farming, roads or cities, before writing, machines, electrification, algorithms or computers. Eos is an opportunity to become intimate with the traditional elements of earth, water, air and light.

Poetry at first light – John Bennett
Earshot ABC RN Tuesday 16 February 2016 11:05AM, rpt Sat 5pm.

In this conversation with Gretchen Miller, John walks us through his local forest reserve, Jagun, through which a creek runs, before it reaches the sea. They talk about the birds, trees and landscape which his poetry obsessively documents – and Eos. Addendum with photos and more explanation on what Eos means to me here.

A new video EOS – explains the concept . . . Every morning the Greek god Eos opens the gates of heaven and announces the coming of her brother Helios bringing a new day. Eos refers to new beginnings as light overwhelms the night and an opportunity to leave the modern world behind for a while.

ABC radio producer Gretchen Miller was staying here in November to record Eos – to be broadcast sometime in the new year in Earshot.

Blue Eos, March 15

an invisible Sugar Glider is leaving a trail of tinkling raindrops . . .

Eos, Dec 23, poem and images

Two of eight images from a poem written and photographs taken on Dec 23, 2016

Eos, Deep Creek, December

Love brimming and with God crying wolf . . .

Eos out West

Eos out West Oakhampton Sheep Station  

Eos out west, the Woolshed

Photographs: You still have to wait for the light to come to you, but there are ghosts.

Images of Eos

Keats accused Wordsworth of regressing into ‘the egotistical sublime’.

Sunset Valla, waiting to hear Federico Albanese

‘The Blue Hour is a moment very early in the morning or late in the evening, which is in the middle of two different and opposite universes.’  Federico Albanese. Yet twilight has very different characteristics to Eos . . .

Eos sprinkling

An osprey is right overhead, gliding, sliding, circling, beating the wind
it must be having fun . . .

Eos – the day after my presentation

Eos – the day after my presentation I am hoping someone in the audience managed Eos this morning – Monday 15 August In my talk, I forgot to mention a)    the bleedin obvious, every Eos is different – today a spring migrant, the fan-tailed cuckoo was singing first light, heard a week ago but not [...]

You see things differently in Eos, March 30

Eos is Byzantine in that it rewards an intent and passionate gaze. There is no concept of progress, time merely distances us from our past intimacy with nature.

03 30_Eos_w2

Eos, Valla Beach

If you wake before dawn and walk into a forest, park or garden, or onto a beach, you meet Eos and gain some sense of ancestral life before farming, roads or cities, before writing, electrification, statistics, algorithms or code. Helios gives life to the earth, but Eos offers affirmation and aesthetic joy.

Anzac dawn_w

Anzac dawn 2015, Valla

03 30_Eos_w4

Sunrise, Valla Beach