How the world works, Eos, 22 May

A fox loping beneath a Brahminy Kite, Miilba

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) was introduced into Australia in the 1870s for recreational hunting, then declared a pest within 20 years – too late.

In a couple of decades foxes has spread across southern Australia coinciding with regional extinctions of several species of bettong, the greater bilby, numbat, bridled nail-tail wallaby and the quokka. And they have been been linked to regional extinctions of 4 species of ground-nesting birds in western New South Wales and the decline of 7 other such species. We have seen them in our Jagun, our Nature Reserve.
[For my encounter with a rabbit. See How the world works, a riddle, 22 May]

Striated Heron

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