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Friday begins with a White Rainbow

Friday begins with a White Rainbow

02 26_fogbow1
White rainbow, sea-dog or fog bow over Raleigh
02 26_fogbow_end of
End of the rainbow

The white rainbow, sea-dog or fog bow is the pale cousin of a rainbow. The very small size of water droplets that’s fog—smaller than 0.05 millimetres – do not diffract the light like a prism, rainbow.  The white rainbow, is only white or with a weak outer red edge and inner bluish tinged edge.

Raleigh_fellow birder
Raleigh_fellow birder
02 26_fog_Bellinger
Bellinger River in fog
02 26_fog_lifting
Bellinger River, fog lifting

02 26_fog_cleared, ducks, heron
Bellinger River fog lifted, Wood Ducks, White-faced Heron
02 26_fog_naturally
Raleigh naturally

We did see  Tawny Grassbirds, Little Grassbirds,  Golden-headed cisticolas, Red-backed Wrens and many more species. Wyn and I left to help paint the community gallery in Bellingen.

White-breasted Woodswallow
White-breasted Woodswallow


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