Eos, Valla Beach

Eos, Valla Beach

Eos11March Rising before dawn is to meet Eos and gain some sense of our ancestors’ experience of waking to a world before farming, roads, cities, before writing, mechanisation, electrification, algorithms or computers.
Eos11March3 Eos, Valla Beach, 11 March

This matter of paying attention to Eos is a problem for me even though modern camera are much easier to use than before. Ansel Adams undertook his first wilderness adventure in 1920, aged just eighteen. He loaded his donkey called Mistletoe, with supplies and equipment and he carried a fifteen kilo pack of photographic gear with his a 61/2 x 81/2 glass plate camera.   I am using a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 weighing 831g with a 1″ sensor and F2.8-4 lens zooming from 25-400mm equivalent. Still photographing Eos can lead to distraction (finding a setting or position), anxiety (missing a shot) and self-satisfaction (getting the shot).

Eos11March 2 Eos11March7


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