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Am I Dying Yet? The soundtrack

Driving each day to treatment I played a variety of music, new to me. Here is a selection.

Emma-Jean Thackray, Yellow, 2021

‘Sunshine bright, honey sweet
The Earth has been good to me
The life growing under my feet has made us all
Sunshine bright, honey sweet . . .’


Eluvium, Indoor Swimming at the Space Station, from Copia, 2007


Colin Stetson, A dream of water, from ‘New History Warfare Vol.2 Judges’ 2011. Laure Anderson narrator.
‘There were people lighting candles
There were people going crazy
There were those who walked the beach
What war is that? . . .’


Ari Balouzian, Comfort or Freedom, from Some kind of heaven, 2021. I heard it in the weird 2020 doco about The Villages, a massive Florida retirement community.


Pablo Blitzer, Divide and Conquer from Free Fall, 2020. A local jazz musician and composer


PJ Harvey, England, from Let England Shake, 2011

You leave a taste
A bitter one . . .’


Agnes Obel, September Song, from ‘Aventine’, 2013

Jenn Champion, Jessica, 2023

Jóhann Jóhannsson, IBM 1401 A User’s Manual, 2006

‘Do not forget to check that the cap nut of the draining board is properly tightened. The bent tube and funnel makes it easier to fill up the drive housing and its part number is 8021399.’

The importance of this machine and its importance for Jóhannsson is discussed in the book.

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