Turner, A Sunday at Valla

“Unfortunately I met mr. Turner at the Academy a night or two after I received this letter ; and he asked me if I had heard from Mr. Lennox. I was obliged to say ‘ yes.’ ‘ Well, and how does he like the picture?’ ‘He thinks it indistinct.’ ‘ You should tell him,’ he replied, ‘ that indistinctness is my forte.’


Rembrandt has lost all his money, two circles begin the background, and he is staring at you the viewer, not intently but seriously. It’s as if he knows this painting has all the time in the world.

Eos out West

Eos out West Oakhampton Sheep Station  

Eos out west, the Woolshed

Photographs: You still have to wait for the light to come to you, but there are ghosts.

Images of Eos

Keats accused Wordsworth of regressing into ‘the egotistical sublime’.

Early morning, Jagun

My camera is at the menders – Our best tools, like the axe, are not subject to memory difficulties . . .

Spring is sprung – videoing the Bellinger River

On the way back from  the Promised Land we saw a Greater Glider road kill and moments later a Brown Goshawk flying overhead . . .

Nambucca River at Dusk – photographs

An Azure Kingfisher flew out from underneath the boardwalk, too fast, too dark for my trigger finger.

Photographs from around the world

May, June 2016

The Sunday Photographer

Early photographers took their inspiration from painting . . .